4 Signs Your CV Joint Needs To Be Replaced On Your Vehicle

26 October 2021
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Both all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive vehicles have CV joints, as do some rear-wheel-drive vehicles. The constant-velocity joint is designed to move power from the transmission to the wheel. It provides the power your vehicle needs to keep the tires spinning. When the CV joint fails, it will generally give you warning signs before it just falls off. 1. Grease on Your Tires If you see grease on the edge of your tires, that grease could be coming from your CV joint. Read More 

Things You Should Know When Replacing The Transmission Fluid In Your Vehicle

28 September 2021
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Replacing the transmission fluid in your vehicle is recommended around thirty to forty thousand miles for most vehicles. An auto transmission fluid drain can be tricky, but if you take your time and make sure you have the right parts to do the job, most good home mechanics can get the job done. Buying Supplies And Parts Before you attempt an auto transmission fluid drain, you need to get some parts and supplies. Read More 

5 Things That Affect Repairability of a Tire

12 August 2021
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A flat tire is never a fun discovery, but often the tire can be repaired. The following are the factors that impact the decision on whether to repair or replace the tire. 1. Puncture Location Punctures are usually small and caused by sharp objects like nails. They can often be repaired using a plug and seal method, but only if they are located on the main tread area of the tire. Read More 

Over The Road With Your First Semi-Truck? Important Information About Repairs

26 July 2021
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The purchase of your first semi-truck is an excellent way to create a stable business capable of providing your family with a comfortable income. Each day, thousands of semi-trucks move loads of merchandise, food, tools, and equipment from the location where it was produced or stored to another location where it is needed. Over the course of a year, the semi-trucks used to transport these loads rack up hundreds of thousands of miles, exerting significant wear on engines, drive trains, and other components. Read More 

Automobile Shipping Services: A Convenient Option After License Suspension

16 June 2021
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Someone planning to relocate from a small town to a large city faces a distinct inconvenience if the driver's license is suspended right before the move. This person may not fully trust anyone else to drive the car in heavy traffic or a long distance. They may worry that a collision could happen and insurance rates would increase. It's already a problem since behavior that causes license suspension usually results in increased premiums. Read More