Over The Road With Your First Semi-Truck? Important Information About Repairs

26 July 2021
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The purchase of your first semi-truck is an excellent way to create a stable business capable of providing your family with a comfortable income. Each day, thousands of semi-trucks move loads of merchandise, food, tools, and equipment from the location where it was produced or stored to another location where it is needed.

Over the course of a year, the semi-trucks used to transport these loads rack up hundreds of thousands of miles, exerting significant wear on engines, drive trains, and other components. If you have just purchased your first semi-truck and are working hard to build your own small trucking company, these tips can help you get the most from your annual semi repair budget. 

Understand the importance of ASE certification

While every class of automotive repair should be handled by a properly trained, qualified technician, it is even more important for semi-trucks that routinely carry heavy loads over long distances in all types of weather. ASE stands for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, a non-profit organization that has dedicated decades of service to improving the quality of automotive repair and servicing options. 

In order to become ASE-certified, auto service professionals must pass stringent testing to ensure they have the correct skills and knowledge to perform their job. Semi-truck owners who take time to ensure that their truck repair and servicing needs are handled by an ASE-certified repair technician can feel assured that any repair techniques, tools, and parts will also meet ASE standards. 

Look for semi-truck repair services with mobile options

Unlike family car owners, semi-truck drivers are often thousands of miles from home when an automotive repair is needed. To ensure that their trucks can be repaired quickly, semi-truck owners should look for commercial truck repair services who work with a network of providers to offer mobile options for an array of common mechanical repair needs. For example, fuel system issues that may require new filters, pumps, or supply lines are a few common repair issues that can often be handled at the site where the truck stopped working, without having to tow the truck to another location. 

Semi-truck owners who want to enjoy the safest, most profitable trucking experience will also want to invest in regular maintenance and servicing for their truck, including oil and filter changes and brake system maintenance. To learn more about using proactive semi-truck repair and servicing options to help your new trucking business grow, take time to discuss your situation with a reputable professional. Contact a semi-truck repair service for more information.