What To Do When Your RV Needs Service

24 November 2021
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If you own an RV, keeping up with the maintenance on it is the best way to ensure it is ready to hit the road when you are. Finding a shop for your RV service work can be challenging, but there are some places to start when you need a shop to make a repair or service the vehicle.

RV Dealerships

One of the most common places you can take your vehicle for RV repair is a dealer that sells and services new and used RVs. The dealership will have the right tools to work on the vehicle and techs that understand their systems. 

The engine and transmission are similar to a truck powertrain, but some of the additional systems on the unit can be very complex, so working with them requires some knowledge and training. Many manufacturers offer factory certifications for technicians that work on their RVs, so look for a dealership that sells units by the same manufacturer as yours when you are deciding where to go.

Most RV dealers offer some level of RV repair, so check with them to determine what they can do for you if you are having a problem that you can not resolve on your own. Electrical issues, plumbing problems, or holding tank issues are all things you may need an RV repair shop to handle. 

Along with system issues, these dealers typically also offer roof resealing, AC system work, and some RV shops will even make body repairs to your unit if needed. Check with the shop in your area to get a complete list of services you may need, and if you are on the road, you can often find dealerships in other cities, towns, and states that offer similar services as your regular shop near home.

Truck Repair Shops

When you are dealing with drivetrain issues in your RV but don't have an RV repair shop nearly you, taking your rig to a truck repair shop for service might be the best option. Many large RVs use diesel engines that are the same as those found in commercial trucks because they have the power the RV needs. 

Often you can take your RV to a truck shop that offers RV repairs, and they can help with drivetrain repairs or engine and transmission service. You may want to call the truck dealer before you go and let them know what the problem is so they can determine if they can make the repairs for you. 

A truck shop may also help with tire and wheel issues, brake work, and other chassis work on your RV when you need it. 

For more information, contact an RV repair and service shop.