3 Things You Should Do After Finding A Mysterious Crack In Your Windshield

30 March 2019
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Approaching your vehicle only to find out there is a crack in the windshield can be a dangerous and frustrating experience – especially if you don't know how the crack got there in the first place. Here are a few important things that should be done now that you're dealing with a mysterious crack: Schedule an Inspection The first thing you should do after finding a mysterious crack in your windshield is to take the vehicle in to have it inspected as soon as possible. Read More 

Strange Lingo You Might Hear Your Mechanic Say To Other Mechanics, And What It Means

18 February 2019
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Every career has its own weird lingo used only by those in particular career paths. Nurses and doctors, for example, often speak in abbreviated medical term lingo. Police have their own lingo, too. Even auto mechanics have a lingo that only makes sense to them and to other people who have worked on cars. In fact, when you take your car or truck into the shop for transmission repair, you may hear some of the following weird automotive lingo. Read More