How Do Handle Erosion on Your Truck After Winter

20 November 2019
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The winter season can be hard on semi-trucks. As a truck driver, there are some things you should know about how to prevent any corrosion once the winter season is over. Although the cold season is here, it is great to think about these things now so you can be aware and prepare for the necessary repairs and maintenance you need to undertake. Here are some helpful tips:

Make Sure the Chassis and Undercarriage Is Washed

Begin by looking underneath the truck for any built-up debris beneath the truck. You can clean the chassis and undercarriage yourself by hand. You can also utilize a semi-truck washing service to clean out the undercarriage area. These services help make sure any salt or dirt residue is removed, both of which can result in corrosion damages.

Inspect the Truck for Corrosion

The next step is to do a thorough inspection for corrosion. Look for any signs of rust or other damage done by the salt on the icy roadways. Look for any green residue. This is an indicator of iron oxidation. This oxidation happens when the truck parts have been exposed to water for a prolonged amount of time. Rust will spread quickly, so it needs treatment right away.

Start at the back of the truck and move forward. You can scrape away any rust on the surfaces and apply rust inhibitor as you go. You should specifically look for corrosion at the bottom radiator pipe. You should also look at the wiring and electrical cords, as well as the air lines for corrosion.

Then, take a look at the shock and their mounts, along with the dust shields to ensure there are no signs of rust. Dust shields have a high tendency to get rusty, and you could face a citation from the DOT if you do not take care of it sooner than later. As you move under the hood, check the battery connections and cables, as these areas are prone to damaging corrosion as well. Additionally, look at all the wiring harnesses and remove the connectors to ensure there is no green residue.

Semi-trucks are a major investment, so you need to make every effort that it has all the proper care necessary to keep it in good shape. Taking some time after the winter season is over is a great way to preserve the integrity of your truck. If you notice erosion on your truck, contact a truck repair service to take care of it.