Three RV Problems You Won'T Experience On A Normal Vehicle

3 July 2019
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There's nothing like the freedom that owning a travel trailer can provide. For people who have never experienced the motor home life, it's hard to understand just how incredible it can be to pack up with a little slice of home and head out onto the open road. Of course, RVs are large and complicated pieces of machinery, which means that they come with their own share of problems. Many people think of motor homes or travel trailers in the same way that they view regular passenger cars, but these behemoths of the road come with their own unique challenges.

Here are just three common repairs you're likely to have to deal with, on a RV, that would leave owners of regular passenger vehicles scratching their heads.

Plumbing Issues

Of course, regular cars have "plumbing," of a kind, to carry brake fluid, gasoline, oil, and so on, but the typical RV essentially has the mobile version of a home's plumbing system. Most large RVs contain self-contained plumbing systems that rely on a large number of components to supply water throughout the trailer. In addition to freshwater and wastewater tanks, there is a pump to move water to where it needs to go, an electric heater to keep it toasty, and the actual pipes to deliver that water to sinks, toilets, and showers. Monitoring and maintaining these systems is an important part of keeping your RV ready for adventure.

Leaky Roofs

RVs are much larger and often more exposed to the elements than the typical car, and this can take its toll, over time. Roof leaks are unfortunately common on even high-end RVs, and this can lead to many additional problems. Aside from the annoyance of the leak itself, water entering the cabin has the potential to cause damage to the interior fittings, furniture, and anything else that happens to be in its way. Even worse, these leaks are sometimes only discovered in the middle of a serious downpour or other inopportune times. Proper RV storage and prompt repair once problems become evident is the key to avoiding major leak damage.

Problems with Awnings and Slide-Outs

Not many cars come equipped with their own sun shades or expandable sections to provide more interior room. These are incredible RV features, but they can also present their fair share of problems if they aren't maintained properly. Slide-outs, like RV roofs, can develop leaks over time, and the motor or slides themselves can cause problems, if routine maintenance is neglected. It's important to check these items on a regular basis, so that any issues which develop can be fixed, before they lead to more serious trouble or major water damage. Likewise, awnings need to be regularly checked for damage and repaired or replaced, if it becomes too serious.

As with anything worth doing, owning an RV comes with its own set of problems. Dealing with them, whenever they come up, is the best way to get the most out of your RV ownership experience. Contact an RV repair professional, for assistance.