Problems That Could Impair Your Car's Transmission

15 March 2023
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Your car's transmission is among the most critical mechanical parts. It is responsible for transferring the energy from the engine to the wheels. When it has issues, it can cause various problems for the vehicle. Transmission hard shifting occurs when the transmission has difficulty changing the gears when needed, causing the car to jerk or hesitate when accelerating. This can be frustrating and dangerous because it can affect the car's performance in unpredictable ways. 

Low Transmission Fluid Level

The transmission fluid is essential for providing lubrication and cooling the system. Without it, the gears can not function correctly. Your transmission fluid levels are designed to be stable. As a result, any changes in the transmission fluid level likely indicate a leak that needs to be repaired. Issues with the transmission fluid being too low can rapidly cause permanent damage to the vehicle.

Regularly monitoring the transmission fluid level and adding more if it is low can minimize problems. If the fluid level is consistently low, it may indicate a leak in the system that needs repair. Finding and patching the source of the leak is likely to require professional help.

Damaged Clutch Components

A frequent reason for harsh gear changes in transmissions is the deterioration or impairment of the clutch. If it suffers substantial wear or significant damage, it can lead to slipping or sudden jerks in the transmission. Additionally, worn clutch components can fail to engage, stalling the car at potentially dangerous times.

Clutch components can wear out over time due to regular use, but other factors can contribute to premature wear. Some of the most common are rapid acceleration or hard braking because they can put extra stress on the clutch components and cause them to wear out faster.

Faulty Shift Solenoids

Faulty shift solenoids are another cause of hard transmission shifting. These solenoids manage the transmission fluid to control the gear shifts. When they malfunction, they can cause the transmission to have difficulty shifting. Faulty shift solenoids can also cause the transmission to jerk. These problems can worsen over time and may result in your vehicle becoming undrivable.

Transmission Control Module Malfunction

The transmission control module (TCM) is a central component of the unit because it controls when the gears shift. Software glitches or physical damage can cause TCM malfunctions that require professional repair services. Keeping the electrical connections clean and secure can help prevent TCM malfunction. It is also important to avoid any modifications or upgrades to the transmission system that may strain the transmission control module to the point of impairing its function.

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