Common Exhaust Repairs That You May Want To Leave To A Professional

3 November 2022
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Automotive repairs are one of the things that many people try and take on themselves to save some money. In many cases, replacing parts like a starter motor or brake pads is simple. However, there are some tasks like exhaust system repair that you may want to have a professional mechanic handle the work.

Leaking Exhaust Systems

Getting the exhaust system tight and leak-free can be challenging. Each section of the system must connect to the rest without any gaps where exhaust gases can leak out of the system. The exhaust system spans the entire underside of the vehicle, and leaks can become an issue anywhere along the way. 

Exhaust system repair may involve changing a gasket between the engine and the exhaust manifolds or changing the muffler with a new one. While it may seem like a simple task most of the time, it can be tough to get the joints tight and make sure that all the gases leave the engine and pass through the system, exiting at the tailpipe, not under the car somewhere.

Exhaust system inspections can help find problems before they get too large, but you need to know what you are looking for. Black soot around any of the joints in the system indicates exhaust gases are leaking through gaps or joints, and need addressing immediately. An inspection can also uncover cracks or holes in the exhaust pipes that you didn't know were there and need repair to ensure the system is safe.

Making Repairs

Many times dismantling the exhaust system to make repairs can be challenging. The heating and cooling of the system often make the bolts brittle, and constant exposure to water and other materials under the car can promote corrosion on these fasteners. 

Removing bolts during exhaust system repair can require reheating them or using a penetrating lubricant to help reduce corrosion or rust. In many cases, these bolts break off when pressure is applied, and in the right places, this can become problematic because they are inaccessible and tucked up inside the vehicle's frame. 

What starts as a simple exhaust system repair can turn into a difficult one, and having an exhaust system repair shop do the work can be worth the cost. The mechanic has the tools and experience to deal with the typical repairs and ones that become difficult, producing a better outcome in the end and less frustration for the vehicle owner. 

If you have a well-stocked shop with a lift and the tools to make the repairs properly, you can do the work yourself, but if you don't, it is often better to leave exhaust system repairs to the professionals in most cases.

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