3 Signs That Your Car Is In Need Of Transmission Repair

19 August 2022
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Your transmission plays a very important role in making sure your vehicle keeps running. Consequently, it is extremely important that you do not ignore the signs that your vehicle is in need of transmission repairs. Unfortunately, far too many people do not know these warning signs and are therefore unable to get their transmission repaired before it stops working altogether. In this article, you can learn more about some of the most common signs that your car needs transmission repairs so that you can avoid making this same mistake yourself. 

#1: Your Vehicle Struggles To Get From One Gear To The Next

Does your car seem sluggish when you first take off but then suddenly get a large boost of power? If so, this could be a sign that there is something wrong with your transmission. This is because different transmission gears provide different amounts of power in order to help you achieve the desired speed. When you are traveling at lower speeds, your transmission will remain in first gear. However, once you reach a higher speed, your transmission will transition into second and third gears. If your first gear is in need of repair, you will struggle to gain momentum in order to get into second gear. 

#2: Your Vehicle Slips In And Out Of Gears While Driving

If your vehicle's transmission has experienced friction as a result of low fluid levels or dirty transmission fluid, the teeth on the gears inside your transmission can become worn. When this happens the gears will have trouble gripping one another and can slip even while you are driving. This can be quite dangerous if you are traveling at high speeds and your car slips out of gear since you will no longer be getting enough torque to support your current speeds. If you feel your automatic transmission slipping in between gears, you should take your car in for transmission repairs right away. 

#3: You See Evidence Of Leaking Transmission Fluid

Unlike motor oil that can burn off over time, transmission fluid should only need to be replaced when the transmission is being serviced. If you have needed to add transmission fluid to your vehicle on a regular basis, this indicates that there is likely a leak somewhere within the system. This can be a serious problem since, without proper lubrication, your transmission can easily seize without any warning. Consequently, if you notice any signs of leaking transmission fluid, you should take your vehicle in for transmission repairs right away in order to avoid any further damage. 

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