Why Isn't Your Car's AC Working?

4 May 2022
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It's never a good feeling to get in your car on a hot day only to find that your air conditioning isn't working. Why does this happen? What causes the problem?

You might wonder what is preventing your AC from blowing cold air, and the answer could be several things. An air conditioning system requires several components to operate properly. If any of these parts aren't working, you won't have AC.

Coolant levels

First, you might suspect that your AC doesn't have enough coolant. When the coolant level decreases, your AC system won't have enough to cool the air. The coolant extracts heat from the air, which is how it cools your vehicle. An auto repair shop that offers AC services will check this first, as this is the easiest repair for a broken AC system. If necessary, they will recharge the system, which involves adding more coolant to it. They will check the AC system afterward to see if it works. If so, you'll have cold air when you turn your AC system on the next time you drive.

Condenser issues

Next, they might check your vehicle's condenser. The condenser is located near the bottom of your engine compartment in most cases, and the most likely cause of damage is hitting something. For example, if you hit a big rock or curb, it can damage the condenser, preventing it from working.

A condenser might also stop working if there is debris clogging or blocking it. Therefore, an AC repair shop will also check this to see if anything is in its way. The condenser helps to extract the heat the coolant removes from the air. If it can't do this, it can't do its job. If your condenser has any issues, the repair shop might have to replace it to fix your AC system.

Compressor issues

The other common problem that prevents an AC system from working is compressor problems. A compressor helps your car circulate the coolant as it works to extract heat. When a compressor isn't functioning correctly, it impedes this process, leaving you without cold air. You might need a new compressor if yours isn't working properly.

Contact a repair shop

The best thing to do when you have no AC in your car is to contact a shop that offers auto air conditioning system services. They'll find the problem and have your AC working by the time you come back to pick up your car.