Repairing Stone Chip Damages On Your Vehicle's Exterior

1 February 2022
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Keeping your car in good condition will require a number of issues to be repaired or addressed over the years. An example of this type of problem could be the damages that small stone chips could cause to a vehicle.

Myth: Stone Chips Are Only A Threat To The Glass

Glass is one of the parts of your vehicle that will be at the greatest risk of suffering damage due to stone chips. However, car owners should avoid assuming that this is the only part of their vehicle that will be vulnerable to this type of damage. It is also possible for the exterior paint of the car to suffer damage from stone impacts. This can be an issue that is able to pose a significant problem for the car's appearance, as well as the condition of its metal body.

Myth: Stone Chips Are Not An Important Type Of Auto Damage To Repair

There are many types of damage that your car could suffer that may not seem like a significant issue to have to address. Individuals will often make this assumption about the stone chips that their vehicles may experience. While these damages may seem somewhat small, they can have many different impacts on the vehicle. When this damage occurs to the glass, it can eventually spread across much of the exterior of the glass and may result in the entire pane needing to be replaced. When the stone chips occur to the vehicle's paint, it can dramatically increase the risk of corrosion developing on the vehicle.

Myth: Repairing Stone Chips Will Leave Noticeable Marks

When your vehicle is in need of stone chip repair services, repairs should be scheduled as soon as possible to limit the chance of the issues worsening or complications developing. However, individuals may be worried that repairing these chips will leave behind noticeable marks on the glass. While this is understandable, it is typically possible to repair these damages so that they will be as discrete as possible. For stone chips that occur to the paint of the vehicle, a professional repair service can effectively match the paint patch to the rest of the vehicle's exterior. For glass stone chips, the repair resin that is used will be completely clear when it dries, and this can allow it to effectively blend into the rest of the glass so that it will not impact the appearance of the glass or make it harder for you to see out of it.