Automobile Shipping Services: A Convenient Option After License Suspension

16 June 2021
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Someone planning to relocate from a small town to a large city faces a distinct inconvenience if the driver's license is suspended right before the move. This person may not fully trust anyone else to drive the car in heavy traffic or a long distance. They may worry that a collision could happen and insurance rates would increase. It's already a problem since behavior that causes license suspension usually results in increased premiums. Hiring a professional automobile shipping service is a solution.

Although the situation may seem frustrating at first, the person might consider the various advantages of auto transport and why so many people who are relocating make this choice.

No Extra Mileage

If the new home is a long distance away, the automobile doesn't accumulate all of that extra mileage. A cross-country move could otherwise rack up 3,000 miles on the odometer.

Virtually No Collision Risk

There is very little risk of the vehicle being involved in a collision as compared with someone driving. That's especially true when the individual who is relocating is tired. There may have been a flurry of packing belongings along with having to drive a long way. 

Transporting Possessions

Some companies allow customers to transport possessions in the vehicle. That turns it into a cargo container. 

Open and Enclosed Options

The person may want to view quotes for both open and enclosed transport. Enclosed transport usually costs more but provides extra protection. Open trailers are the most common and still offer plenty of protection against minor incidents that can happen while driving, such as dings or windshield chips from flying gravel.

Destination Considerations

At the new location, the automobile transportation service drops the car or pickup off at the customer's residence or as close as possible. If the transport is done with a semi cab and large trailer, local regulations only allow these trucks on certain routes. Not all streets can accommodate large commercial vehicles. In that case, the unlicensed owner must determine how to bring the automobile home without driving it.

Concluding Thoughts

While settling in and getting a fresh start, this person might want to consider making a resolution to never have the license suspended again. That could mean no more tickets for moving violations or no more driving under the influence of alcohol. Although being unable to drive to the moving destination seems inconvenient at first, it may turn out to be a satisfying experience. The automobile will arrive safely and without hundreds or thousands of extra miles on the odometer. 

To learn more, contact a local automobile shipping service.