Moving In Your Vehicle? Get Auto Service Before Leaving

20 December 2018
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When families move out of a large single-family home, they may bring a moving truck and hitch their vehicle along for the ride. But, you may be moving out of a small apartment or condo in which you may only intend on using your own vehicle to transport your belongings.

Driving from one end of a city to another is not something that should warrant much concern, but your moving plans may involve driving across your state or even to another state. Getting auto service before you load up your car and start driving will help you enjoy a smooth move.

Under the Hood

An important thing to look at is the engine of your vehicle because you do not want to go on a lengthy drive over the course of several days with a problematic engine. In an ideal scenario, your car may only need an oil change and fluid check before a mechanic will send you on your way.

However, you will appreciate going to an auto repair shop when you need more work than preventive maintenance. For instance, you may have a belt that should be replaced in a few months, but you will benefit from replacing it early on to avoid any complications on the road. If the car's battery is on its last leg, getting a new one can give you peace of mind while driving.


One of the most important features on your vehicle, especially for a long-distance move, is the tires. You will want your tires to be in excellent condition because going through rain or snow with minimal tread can lead to stability issues on the road. This is especially true when your vehicle is filled to the brim with possessions that increase the total weight quite considerably.

If the tires are in great condition and there is a decent amount of tread remaining on the tires, you should feel confident enough to reach your new home without having road problems.


While you can look at your car's manual to determine its cargo capacity, you may want to get help from a mechanic on how to best utilize the storage in your car. For instance, they may be able to provide advice on securing items to the top of the car to maximize cargo capacity.

Getting auto service is worthwhile when you want to have a smooth move in your vehicle. Contact a shop, like Action  Transmission, for more help.