Treat Your Transmission Well So You Can Expect The Same From It

10 August 2017
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While you may not think of automatic transmissions as being one of your car's most sensitive parts, you do need to make sure you treat it right and do your best to treat it well. If you don't then you can find yourself having some serious issues that can be quite costly. Completely forgetting about your transmission can lead to problems that can quickly get worse quickly. Here are a few things you must know about your automatic transmission to keep it in good shape longer:

Don't forget to service your transmission

Every once in a while, it is very important for you to have your automatic transmission services. This is just how your car will need a tune up and an oil change every so often. Failing to have it serviced can lead to you driving around with dirt and contaminants that build up inside of it. This can cause the automatic transmission to act sluggish and as time goes on, it will get worse. If you continue to ignore this then you may find one day you go out to your car to a transmission that's no good.

Make sure you are using the correct type of transmission fluid

When you add transmission fluid to the canister in the motor compartment you must make sure you are using the proper kind for your car. There is a myth that all transmission fluid is the same, but this is just a myth and one that can leave you with a bad transmission. You can find out what type to use by reading the owner's manual. If you no longer have access to the manual then you can look the manual up online or you can call an auto shop or auto parts store and ask which kind is right for your transmission.

Make sure the transmission fluid is at the right level

When you are doing seasonal or routine maintenance under the hood of your car, don't forget the transmission fluid. This fluid will lubricate a lot of moving parts and is necessary to keep the entire transmission performing properly. If the car is low on it, then the transmission will work overtime to perform how it should, causing a lot more wear and tear on it. Always remember to have the car sitting on level ground when checking the fluids or you can get a false reading.

Have the car looked at if you are losing transmission fluid   

If you find that you need to fill the transmission fluid up each time you add in other fluids, then there may be a problem. Transmission fluid tends to last a long time and you shouldn't need to fill it as often as some of the other fluids. Also, if you see a red colored oil where your car has been parked, then this can indicate a possible leak that needs to be investigated as soon as possible. If your fluid is starting to look dirty when you check it, this is another reason to take it in to the shop to have it looked at. Visit a shop like for help.