Beginners Guide For Maintaining Your New Car

3 August 2017
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If you recently invested in a brand new car, congratulations! Chances are, you don't want anyone eating in it, bringing in their muddy shoes, or even drinking anything besides water and for good reason. Keeping that brand new shiny car shiny will keep you happy with it for a long time to come. Aside from keeping it clean, though, you are also going to want to know how to take care of it. Every car is different when it comes to maintenance. So, here's your beginners guide to maintaining your new car:

  • Read the Owner's Manual: Don't throw the owner's manual in the glove compartment just yet. Instead, take some time to look over it. Take note of when it is suggested that you do certain maintenance tasks, such as rotating the tires, changing the oil, getting a wheel alignment, and more. These manufacturer recommendations are going to be your best guide to keeping your car in the best possible condition so that it continues to act and behave like a brand new car for years to come. 
  • Read the Warranty: Another thing not to simply throw into the glove compartment is the warranty on the car. Instead, you want to read over this to determine what situations are going to void the warranty. You don't want this to happen. Be sure that you are maintaining the car so that if something does arise, the warranty is still good to use. They may ask for proof of certain things to ensure that you have met your end of taking care of your car, such as the receipt for an oil change or tire change. 
  • Get the Car Waxed: Why do you want your brand new car waxed? It's not just so that it continues to look shiny, but also to ensure that dirt and grime easily slides off the body of your vehicle so that paint damage does not occur and you can go longer without having to get a car wash. Try to keep in mind that going through an automatic car wash can actually do more harm than good to the body of your vehicle, so getting your car waxed is well worth it. You will save more money on a car wash anyway. 
  • Check and Change the Air Filter: Every few months, include the third month that you actually own the vehicle, you want to check the air filter. Be sure that light can pass through it. If not, you need to change it so that your car continues to have good performance and fuel economy. 

When you follow this rough beginners guide for taking care of your new vehicle, you can be sure that you keep your new car in it's best state for many years. This allows you to get the most out of your investment in your new car. Contact a shop, like Oakley's Garage & Towing, for more help.