Tips For Avoiding Problems With Your Car's Air Conditioner

8 June 2017
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When it comes to caring for your car, you may pay intense attention to the mechanical needs of the engine. However, it is common for car owners to neglect their vehicle's air conditioning system, and this can lead to severe discomfort during the hotter times of the year. Air conditioning maintenance for a vehicle does not have to be a highly difficult task as long as you are keeping several important tips in mind.

Change The Cabin Air Filter

Just like the air conditioning system in your house, the one in your car will utilize an air filter to help purify the air before circulating it throughout the cabin. Unfortunately, many people will go for years or longer without changing this air filter, and if you make this mistake, you can greatly increase the wear that the air conditioner will sustain while also reducing the system's performance. Ideally, you should have the air filter checked each time that you have the oil changed so that it can be replaced as soon as it starts to become dirty enough to impact its performance.

Have The Refrigerant Checked Each Spring

Over the course of time, the refrigerant that cools the air will start to degrade. As this fluid deteriorates, it will rapidly lose the ability to remove heat, which will cause your system to struggle to cool the car. By having the refrigerant checked each year, you will be able to verify whether it is needing to be replaced. Additionally, these tests will allow you to know whether the refrigerant levels are getting low, which can indicate a leak has developed. Luckily, refrigerant fluid tests can be completed by a professional mechanic extremely quickly so that any disruptions are minimized. You should also have the refrigerant checked if you ever notice a sudden decrease in the performance of the air conditioner.

Invest In An Extended Warranty For The Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning system can be particularly prone to suffering a range of performance problems. While your car's manufacturer's warranty will provide coverage for many of the major mechanical components of the car, they will not cover issues with the air conditioning system. However, it is possible for you to purchase an extended warranty for the air conditioning system. While you may consider the price for this coverage expensive, repairing a malfunctioning air conditioning system can be extremely expensive. Without this coverage, you may find that you are fully responsible for all of the repair costs for your air conditioning system.

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