What To Teach A New Driver

21 March 2017
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When you are teaching a new driver how to drive, you also want to make sure you teach them all of the other important things that come with being a driver. You can learn about some of those important things you should be educating them on in this article.

Explain insurance to them

You want them to have a very clear understanding of just how important car insurance is. They need to have the car insured at all times, even when they won't be driving it, unless they have a non-op put on the car through the motor vehicle division due to mechanical issues. Let them know they can get discounted rates for things like good grades, good driving habits, and even for parking the car in the garage.

Let them know what to do if they are involved in an accident

You will want to tell them what to do if they are involved in an accident. If they ding a car in a parking lot, then let them know they should try to find the owner. If they can't, they can leave a note on the windshield with their name and phone number. If they are involved in a moving accident, they should move the car to the side of the road (if it's drivable) and then exchange license and insurance information with the other person. If it's a more serious collision, then the police should be called and a report taken. Explain they need to get in contact with their insurance company and then take the car in to a body collision specialist to get a quote for repairs.

Explain routine car maintenance

Go over the car with the new driver and show them how to check and fill all of the fluids. Explain the warning signs of a tire that needs replacement such as wire starting to show, eggs in the sidewall, or low tread. The tread can be checked by sticking a penny between it. The tread should come to the top of the president's head. If not, then the tires should be replaced. You should also show them how to change a tire and jump start the car.

Explain when to take the car in to a mechanic

You will want to explain what to be concerned with and when to take a car in to a shop like Interstate Transmission & Automotive. A few things to take a car in for include squeaking or grinding brakes, the car pulling to one side, a clunking when shifting gears, a weird smell, a new sound, a thud when putting the car in drive, a battery that tests good but won't hold a charge, or anything else that is different from the way the car usually is.