Is it Time For Your Car's State Inspection?

1 March 2017
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Most states require regular inspections of motor vehicles. Without the proper inspection, you could face serious consequences, including traffic fines and an inability to operate the vehicle. If your car needs an inspection, here is what you need to know.  

How Often Is an Inspection Required?

Each state has its own requirements for when a state inspection is conducted. In some states, inspections are required annually. There are special situations that could lead to a need for an inspection now as opposed to later.  

For instance, some states require new residents to have an inspection performed within a certain number of days of moving. Without the inspection, you could be restricted from registering your car with the state's Department of Motor Vehicles.  

An inspection might be necessary if you are buying a used vehicle. Some dealers take care of the inspection before the car is sold. If yours was not updated, you will need to check the vehicle's status and get an inspection, if necessary.  

Are There Exemptions?

Some states have exemptions that result in inspections not being needed for every car. For instance, cars that are considered to be antiques are not always required to get an inspection.  

Inspections might not be necessary for all-terrain vehicles, trailers of a certain weight, farm machinery, and charitable organization vehicles. To determine whether or not your vehicle needs an inspection, contact the DMV in your state.  

How Can You Prepare?

Depending on the inspection site, if your car fails the assessment, you could be responsible for still paying for the inspection. To avoid this, take the time to prepare your car for the inspection.  

During the inspection, your car's lights, tires, and windshields will be evaluated. Take the time to ensure they are operational and if not, replace any of these that are not functioning. In addition to inspecting these components, the brakes are checked. If your brakes need to be repaired, have it done before the inspection to avoid failing.  

You also need to collect the documents you have to provide at the site before the inspection can occur. Depending on your state's requirements, you might have to show proof of insurance that meets the state's minimum requirements.  

A state inspection of your vehicle is about more than just meeting the state's requirements to drive. It is also a way to ensure that your vehicle is safe to be on the road. Learn more about the process by contacting services like Bradzoil 10 Minute Change.