Take Your New Marriage On The Road With An RV Lifestyle

25 March 2016
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Are you looking for a grand adventure for your first year of marriage? You can choose to go the traditional route or you can shake up your world and make memories you will talk about for the rest of your married life by choosing RV living. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association reports that RV ownership is up and still climbing, with 8.9 million households owning an RV. Here are some reasons to take this trend to the next level by actually living in your RV during the first year of your marriage. 

An Extended Honeymoon

Most newly married couples go away together for a week or two. With an RV, your honeymoon could last at least a year. You won't have to pick just one destination. You can go literally anywhere you can drive, and you can change your mind and choose somewhere new any time you want. 

Sharpened Skills

Living in an RV is typically much cheaper than living in a traditional house, but you will still have expenses. Some couples choose to put money away for a year or two before the wedding to fund life on the road. Others take on jobs that require nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection. 

Still others generate an income by advertising a marketable skill and taking small, temporary jobs each place they stop. If you can build something, fix something, babysit, clean, organize or provide another service, you can find temporary work. Post on local social media each place you go. If you are having trouble finding work, you can always move along. 

In the meantime you will be gaining valuable experience that will allow you to pad your resume for the future. 

A Speedy Connection

By spending your first year of marriage alone in a small space, you will be building intimacy far more quickly than you would in a traditional situation and starting your relationship on fast forward. 

This will mean challenges as you and your new spouse learn to face and navigate bumps in the road, manage conflict and work together to solve problems. However, the end result will be a closer relationship to your partner and a sense of independence and accomplishment as you create a life together. 

A Clean Start

Life in a small space will force you and your beloved to keep things clean and very carefully consider what you bring into the house. When you live in an RV, you can't be concerned about material possessions because there simply isn't room for anything other than what is essential to everyday life. 

Living a simple life is a great way to train yourselves to be happy with what you have and to value your own relationship and the natural world over objects you can accumulate. When you carry those values into your future together, you will be way ahead of couples who started life focused on possessions. 

Cleanliness and a sense of keeping order are also skills you will be glad your and your partner perfected. 

Quick Upgrades

When traditional couples decide they need more living space or a different home, they are faced with the stress and expense of moving. In an RV, you can change your physical home simply by selling it and upgrading to a new one. 

Of course, living in a new part of the country simply means driving there. 

Spending your first year of marriage on the road in an RV is a bold choice that will completely change your life and relationship. Get to know your partner even better and build relationship skills that will promote love and intimacy for the rest of your life together. To get started, check out retailers like Orangewood RV Center.