Must-Haves To Make Your Truck A Mud-Digging, Off-Road Machine

18 March 2016
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Whether new or used, the purchase of a truck can be an exciting experience. Unfortunately, your new pickup truck may not be suited for harsh terrain or muddy paths. Thankfully, turning your standard pickup truck into a mud-digging machine is possible, but it will require a few updates. Using this guide on 4x4 must-haves, your standard pickup truck will be ready for the mud.

Lift Kit

Driving through rocky, muddy, or swampy paths will damage the underbody of your pickup truck. However, ensuring your truck has a higher clearance between the underbody and ground will help you get through the mud in a safer, more effective manner. While a lift kit is an expense, it is a smart investment for your trucks' longevity and 4x4 success.

Of course, there are different options available when selecting a lift kit for your truck, so consider the reason for the lift and a preferred method to increase clearance.

A leveling kit is a great option for beginners, since it lifts only the front of your truck 1 to 2 inches. These kits level out the stance from the front and rear, ensuring a smooth drive down and through tough terrain.

 A complete lift of the truck's body is also an option. These body kits lift the front and rear of your truck 1.5 to 3 inches without affecting the actual ride.


Standard size tires may serve a purpose, but increasing the size and tread of your tires after installing a lift kit is essential. Not only will larger sizes improve your lifted truck's appeal, but all-terrain tires will allow you to drive off road without the risk of getting stuck.

Fortunately, all-terrain tires are perfectly suited to driving on regular roads, as well as muddy, rocky terrain. When selecting your new tires, pay attention to the spaces between the tread. Your new all-terrain tires should have wider spaces between the tread, improving your off-road adventure. If you plan on driving more on traditional roads, the spaces between the tread do not need to be wide.

Paying attention to the quality of rubber used on the tires is also important. Opt for a softer rubber compound, which is more flexible. This flexibility ensures your tires are capable of gripping the road and rocks.


A lift kit and new tires are helpful when turning your traditional truck into a mud-digging machine, but you should also add a few essentials to your toolbox to use when out in the mud. Here are a few must-have pieces of equipment to include in your mud-digging machine:

  • Recovery Straps – Hopefully, you do not need to get pulled out of the mud, but you may want to help others who get stuck while off-roading. Make sure your truck has a set of good quality recovery straps. While surprising to hear, recovery straps are not the same as tow straps. Tow straps utilize a heavy, metal hook, but this hook can be dangerous if it comes off during a pull. Made out of a durable rubber material, recovery straps stretch while pulling the truck out of the mud. Not only are they effective, but recovery straps are also a safer option to use.
  • Tire Inflator – Off-roading can wreak havoc on your tire's air pressure and tread, increasing your risk of a flat while out in the harsh terrain. Fortunately, a portable tire inflator can add air to your tires, allowing you to continue on your 4x4 adventure.

Buying a brand new, 4-wheel drive truck may not be financially feasible, but you can turn your standard pickup into a mud-digging machine. Using these tips, your truck will be ready for a 4x4 adventure.

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