Move Like A Racecar: 3 Inexpensive Auto Part Upgrades You Can Make For Better Performance

11 March 2016
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With movies like Fast and Furious and Need for Speed dominating the movie industry, it's no surprise that Americans have a love for speed and for car modifications that boost either performance, appearance or handling. In fact, the average American spends approximately $2,000 on additional add-ons and modifications for their vehicle within the first year of purchasing their vehicle. However, not all auto part upgrades that boost performance are expensive. In fact, here are 3 inexpensive upgrades you can make.

Switch to Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Most standard vehicles have rubber brake lines rather than stainless steel ones. If you want to boost your vehicle's performance and braking time, which will give you better control over your driving, you should absolutely consider upgrading from rubber brake lines to stainless steel brake lines. Rubber hoses will deflect under hard braking, which ultimately means you have less control over your vehicle; however, stainless steel brake lines tend to be more rigid and tough. They do a better job at transferring hydraulic fluid pressure to the brake cylinders.

In addition to better braking time, you'll also find stainless steel brake lines to be much more durable. Unlike their rubber counterparts, stainless steel brakes do not succumb to regular wear and tear as easily and will not fade from heat build-up. They are also much more corrosion-resistant, so they will last quite a bit longer and will require less maintenance in the long run.

Upgrade to Stiffer Motor Mounts

Most people don't think twice about their motor mounts; however, this is actually a relatively inexpensive part you can upgrade that will make a significant impact on your vehicle's performance. In particular, stiffer motor mounts are usually made from hard urethane material rather than rubber and absorb less vibration, which means that they also absorb less power. Ultimately, this will give you a better engine response and more precise handling.

While stiffer motor mounts may boost overall driving performance, they have been known to affect how comfortable the driving experience may be. In particular, upgrading to a stiffer motor mount may cause the engine to become quite a bit louder. In addition, a stiffer motor mount may also increase driveline vibration. In short, make sure that this is something that you are willing to deal with.

Get a Larger Sway Bar

Sway bars, otherwise known as anti-roller bars, are used to stabilize vehicles and are installed at the wheels. If you anticipate that you'll be driving at high speeds, a larger sway bar can be beneficial to your cause, as it will increase roll resistance and balance your vehicle. As a result, overall grip levels will also be increased. A larger sway bar will improve the performance of the tires and the suspension system, making them more responsive.

While you'll get better handling and balance, the trade-off of a larger sway bar is that you may experience a bumpier and less comfortable ride. This is because bumps that are experienced on one side of the vehicle will be transferred to the other side as well. As a result, the effects of uneven bumps on the road will feel much more pronounced.


There are many additional auto parts that can help boost your vehicle's performance. The key to making sure you have a balanced and high-performing vehicle is fully understanding how each of the auto parts work and how they affect one another. Contrary to belief, you don't have to spend a lot of money to boost your vehicle's performance. You just have to know which parts to upgrade and what your vehicle ultimately lacks and needs.