How Do Handle Erosion on Your Truck After Winter

20 November 2019
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The winter season can be hard on semi-trucks. As a truck driver, there are some things you should know about how to prevent any corrosion once the winter season is over. Although the cold season is here, it is great to think about these things now so you can be aware and prepare for the necessary repairs and maintenance you need to undertake. Here are some helpful tips: Make Sure the Chassis and Undercarriage Is Washed Read More 

It’s Not Dead Yet: Recognizing And Fixing Solenoid Problems

23 October 2019
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Most car owners are understandably distressed to learn that their transmission is failing. When an automatic transmission begins to go out, often the only options are to replace it entirely or to repair it by removing and rebuilding the entire unit. Both of these jobs cost well over a thousand dollars, and depending on the particular make and model of vehicle, can exceed several thousand dollars. Fortunately, not all shifting problems mean that your transmission is on death's door. Read More 

3 Helpful Actions To Take When Choosing An Auto Repair Shop To Work On A Truck

2 August 2019
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Having a truck is great. It's big, powerful, and can haul all sorts of things. At some point, though, it will break down and need to be looked at by an auto repair shop. Choosing one for your truck will be a smooth process when you take these helpful actions.  Get Multiple Opinions When it comes to automotive problems with trucks, you always want to get second opinions. After all, what one auto repair shop thinks is the problem could be completely different than what another shop believes. Read More 

Three RV Problems You Won’T Experience On A Normal Vehicle

3 July 2019
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There's nothing like the freedom that owning a travel trailer can provide. For people who have never experienced the motor home life, it's hard to understand just how incredible it can be to pack up with a little slice of home and head out onto the open road. Of course, RVs are large and complicated pieces of machinery, which means that they come with their own share of problems. Many people think of motor homes or travel trailers in the same way that they view regular passenger cars, but these behemoths of the road come with their own unique challenges. Read More 

3 Common Types Of Truck Tires

24 May 2019
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If you invest money in buying a high-quality truck, it is important to keep your truck equipped with the right tires. Choosing the right tires for your truck will increase performance and handling and also ensure that your truck is as fuel efficient as possible. Don't make the mistake of buying the cheapest tires that you can find for you truck--you are much better off spending extra money to buy tires that will last and suit your needs. Read More