Is Collision Damage Worth Fixing?

15 November 2017
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If you're not rich or don't feel like visiting the mechanic right away, you may question whether a dent or two are worth fixing. Especially if the damage doesn't look severe, it can be hard to tell if the dents had any impact on the way your car, truck, or motorcycle actually works. Here are a few details to help you understand when collision repair is necessary, just to make sure you're not getting into an even more expensive situation by doing nothing about the repairs. Read More 

Timing of Auto Repairs

3 October 2017
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Unless you're a mechanic or you love to tinker with your cars, knowing the complete service schedule of your vehicle is tough. Luckily, the owner's manual should spell out the approximate timing for major services. But in case you're curious and you don't have your documents on hand, here are the common suggestions for auto repair. Changing the Timing Belt Replace the timing belt every 60,000-100,000 miles. The timing belt is responsible for the timing of the opening and closing of the valves inside your engine. Read More 

How To Get Your Older Car Ready For Your College Student

22 September 2017
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If your recent high school graduate is headed off to college this fall with a used vehicle to use to get around in, you're probably feeling a mixture of emotions. Although it's hard to see them fly the coop, if you're like most parents, you're probably also bursting at the seams with pride. You may also be concerned about their safety -- so give yourself one less thing to worry about by ensuring that the car they take with them is in the best possible shape. Read More 

Four Things That Can Help You Save Money When You Have Your Foreign Car Repaired

18 September 2017
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Most people assume that owning a foreign car is going to be expensive when it comes time for repairs. However, this doesn't necessarily have to be the case. There are quite a few things you can do to minimize the costs of having your foreign vehicle repaired. The following are four examples: Look into the possibility of repairing your body with dent repair that doesn't require painting Minor body damage can often be repaired through what's known as paintless dent repair (PDR). Read More 

Clean Your Truck’s Grill And Apply Primer And Paint To The Metal Surface

12 September 2017
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If you accidentally hit a deer with your truck and paint has chipped from the metal grill that is secured to the front of your vehicle and flecks of paint have chipped from the metal's surface, clean the grill and remove chipped paint by completing the repair steps below. Sand the grill's surface and apply primer and paint that is designed for use on metal when you have finished to complete the repair project. Read More