Three Ways You Can Prevent Needing Diesel Engine Repairs Because Of Maintenance Problems

22 August 2017
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If your diesel engine is not working properly, you need to have it inspected and repaired. If you continue to drive the car despite these problems, you can do more harm. In some cases, this may lead to engine replacement instead of just a simple repair. While there are times where an engine repair is needed simply because of age or wear, there are other times where engine repair is needed because of improper maintenance or not caring for the engine properly. Learning how to avoid these maintenance problems can help minimize the odds of you needing an unexpected diesel engine repair due to maintenance issues. 

Don't Constantly Crank Your Battery

There is a lot of stress on an acid battery in a diesel engine. This is because diesel has a higher compression rate than regular fuel. Unfortunately, this can cause your battery to leak acid and, when it does, it leaks acid onto your engine. When your battery is nearing the end of its lifespan, you may need to crank the engine a bit to get the battery to start. But as you do so, you are increasing the odds of harming the battery and causing it to split or crack. If your battery does not start on the first attempt or two consistently, it is time to replace the battery to prevent an acid leak on your engine. 

Use the Correct Lubricants

Another reason why you may need diesel engine repairs is because you are using the wrong type of engine oil or lubricants. There are many different types of oils out there, and the type you need may vary from the type someone else needs. When you are trying to determine what type of oil you need, you need to pay attention to the weather where you will be driving, the conditions you drive in, and the age of your engine. An diesel engine mechanic can help you determine the right type of oil for your engine based on these factors. 

Drain or Replace Your Fuel Filter

The last reason why you may need an avoidable diesel engine repair is because you are not draining or replacing your fuel filter. The fuel filter helps to filter impurities out of your fuel. But when the filter is full, your engine may not get the fuel it needs or it may get dirty fuel, which can weigh on parts in the engine. Consult your owner's manual to find out how often they recommend replacing or draining the fuel filter in your diesel truck and then ensure it is done. 

Failing to properly maintain your diesel engine can lead to a lot of problems, including unnecessary diesel engine repairs. Learning how to properly care for your diesel truck can help prevent these problems.