3 Key Steps To Take When Purchasing A Pre-Owned Truck

24 September 2018
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If you're in search of a new truck yet can't afford the prices that come with new inventory, consider buying a pre-owned Silverado or truck. It won't cost you nearly as much money and often will work just as great as a new truck. Just make sure you take these steps to ensure you're making the right investment.  Double-Check the Truck's Value  Just because a truck is pre-owned, doesn't mean you should take the seller's word that the truck is being sold at a fair price. Read More 

3 Reasons You’ll Love An Aluminum Fishing Boat

26 August 2018
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One of the first differences that you'll probably notice between different boats when you start shopping for a fishing boat of your own is the materials they're made from. Many are made from fiberglass. Fiberglass isn't the only type of fishing boat, though; aluminum is very popular. There are happy fishing boat owners who have boats made of both materials. If you choose aluminum, you're sure to love it for these reasons. Read More 

Why Use A Car Oil Changing Service When You Can Do It Yourself?

7 June 2018
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Part of owning a car is performing preventive maintenance. One of the most common and important of these tasks are oil changes. While this task is rather simple, and quite possible to do on your own, there are some good reasons for taking your vehicle to an oil changing service. Getting Rid of the Old Oil It might not seem like a big deal, but you cannot put old motor oil in a container and place it in the trash for pick up. Read More 

How To Clean A Vehicle EGR Valve

8 April 2018
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If your vehicle stalls, the check engine light comes on, or it has trouble idling, the EGR valve may need cleaning. The EGR valve, or the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve, pulls a small amount of exhaust so it recirculates into the engine to reduce  emissions from nitrogen oxide.  However, this constant process often causes carbon build up, which interferes with operation. Clean the EGR valve by following these steps. Prepare to Clean the EGR Valve Read More 

Determining When You Need New Spark Plugs

30 December 2017
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In order to ensure that your vehicle remains operational at all times, you need to invest time and effort into routine maintenance. Being able to recognize when a part of your vehicle's mechanical system is malfunctioning will help you know when to replace the faulty part in order to preserve the safety and performance of your car. Here are three signs you should be watching for when trying to determine if you need to install new spark plugs on your car in the future. Read More